Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Winter Vacations in Colorado

Winter Vacations in Colorado

   The winter months are so beautiful here in Colorado so we thought we would go over winter tips to help your vacation. This is just some basic stoner to stoner stuff to cover, if you have never been to the beautiful 420 friendly state of Colorado.

 Now before you go running off there, you will need to be sure to first.... have some warm cannabis clothing to keep you toasty.

  Everyday is Colorado you are in for something different with the weather there.  Winter obviously officially starts in November, but here in Colorado most of the time seems to always get started in October.  If you like snow like us, then the most predictable time to come out and visit to see some snow is over Halloween and of course from December to April.

  Colorado weather is anything but predictable so be ready and read more about winter vacations - Colorado ski season

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