Monday, October 3, 2016

420 Smoking Games

420 Smoking Games 

420 smoking games
So your going to a friends to get high again, but it gets so boring sometimes, just sit and smoke. Now this time you have found a great 420 smoking game to play that you bring along. The new game you found... Cannabis : The Card Game.

This is a fill in the blank game that stoners will love to play. With lines like "I want to smoke a bowl and then___________?", and you put your own lines in. This will keep all of your 420 pals laughing till you smoke again.

The founders of the game wanted a way that cannabis smokers could hang out and do other things then just get high. Cannabis : The Card Game was co-created by Marti Tucci and Dina DelRusso in July, 2015. Bringing years of Cannabis experience to the table, Marti and Dina are building their brand, Weed Games.

The game has around 250 cards to read so you will have hours and weeks of fun with it, listening to the witty remarks of your friends. Cannabis smoking games.

General Rules

Each of the players should draw 13 answer cards (white cards). Whoever took the last hit is the automatic “dealer”. The “dealer” is in charge of the first round of questions and starts by picking 1 question card (green cards) and reading it out loud. The others will choose an answer from one of their 13 answer/white cards and put it face down on the table, passing it to the “dealer”. The “dealer” then mixes up all of the answer cards and shares each person’s answer by reading the original question card followed by each answer card, one by one. For the best effect, the “dealer” should read the question combined with each answer, instead of just reading the answers alone. Whoever’s answer card is the funniest to the “dealer”, wins a toke! Before the next round, each person replaces their answer card with a new answer card from the deck. Everyone should always have 13 answer cards. The person to the left of the “dealer” now assumes the duty of “dealer” and picks a green question card and so on. You can put the used cards back into play OR you can put them aside. Who cares, you’re stoned!

This game can be found at Cannabis : The Card Game website.

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